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forward. good morning. let's look at what is going on as far as our temperatures. in the 50s once agained to with -- again today with partly cloudy conditions. pretty good, light out there, first look at bay bridge toll, roadwork westbound from the cantilever to the center anchorage until 5:00 this morning. no metering lights coming off the waldo across the golden gate bridge, no fog, clear and very light traffic down to two lanes that will open up to four for your southbound commute. one accident pushed off the road southbound 101 before poplar in san mateo, slow as crews are on the scene. 30 within. the community of newtown, connecticut, will begin to try to get back to normal this
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morning. schools will reopen and most students will go back to class. katie marzullo is live with that. >> reporter: all schools in newtown are opening for the first time since friday's shooting, except sandy hook elementary. state police cezanne did hook will remain a secure crime scene, indefinitely. -- there will be more children funerals today. several wakes are scheduled for today. two 6-year-old boys have already been laid to rest jack pinto and noah posner. we are learning jetblue jumped to help the posner family when know with what's put out a call for help. she wanted to bury handwritten notes from family members with her son but his cousin lives in sale. when others failed, jetblue got the letter on a plane and did it make it there.
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as for the investigation police are trying to get information out of a computer found at the home of the shooter adam lanza and his mother it was badly damaged but they hope they can recover something that will point to a motive. authorities have told abc news that the weapons used were purchased by nancy, between 2010 and 2012. according to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, adam visited shooting ranges several times in recent years, at least one time with his mother. katie marzullo, abc7 news. bay area man in custody accused of making threats about the mass shooting online. fairfield police arrested him at his home. police say friday he posted comments that he supported the shooter in sandy hook and had thoughts about doing something similar. police will pursue felony charges for making criminal threats.
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he has now apologized on his facebook page. connecticut tragedy and gun control debate has thread to increase in gun sales across the country and here in the bay area. cornell bernard has that story. >> reporter: it was a busy weekend in novato where gun sales have increased since the connecticut school shooting. the owner won't say how many guns were sold other dealers report record sales nationwide handguns and shotguns are selling quickly. >> once the powers to be get on tv and start talking about bans and taking things away, it is a push in people and interest in purchasing firearms they think might be taken from them. >> wal-mart is out of ammunition. >> reporter: he buying a gun but worries in national tragedy could unfairly punish responsible, would begun owners. >> those guns never should have been in the hands of that young man. you can't stop it. >> reporter: senator feinstein is promising to re-introduce
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an assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 prompted by a 1993 mass shooting at a san francisco law firm. congresswoman vows companion legislation in the house. >> we have to do something about the gun violence in this country. >> reporter: she helped draft california's ban after she was shot and wounded in guyana, alongside congressman ryan who was kill. she says the fight for gun control wasn't easy back then and won't be today. >> i remember standing on the assembly floor taking up the measure when one of my colleagues asked me, have you ever shot an assault weapon? i turned to him and said, have you ever been shot by an assault weapon? and i have. cornell bernard, abc7 news. the tragedy in connecticut is felt just as strongly in the bay area by families who don't know the victims. local clergy are stepping up to provide a place where
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people can go to begin to heal. confused and upset by the news many came to burlingame last night. for betsy there's a close connection to sandy hook elementary. that's where she grew up and still has friends who were first responders to the shootings. she is upset but proud the way the town has responded. pastor organized the service of remembrance, healing and hope to give people a place to share tears. he says that is important to avoid becoming cynical about the tragedy. post office has establish add address you can use to express condolences to the people of sandy hook. you can send letters, care packages, p.o. box 3700, newton, connecticut, 06470.
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you will find the address on you can show support to the people of newtown by posting this badge to your facebook wall you can find that on stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the school shooting tragedy. the abc7 news web team is sending out updates you can sign up for breaking news alerts at this morning eight people are recovering after being exposed to toxic chemicals, including members of a haz-mat crew. eight people were rushed to the hospital after being exposed to chemicals from a household bug bomb at a trailer park near redwood city. two people set off the device inside the trailer but didn't leave. the couple with a neighbor became ill. when responders got there they went in without realizing the air was tax sick. all were taken to the hospital,
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all -- was toxic. all were taken to the hospital, all expected to be fine. candlelight vigil tonight for a 16-year-old girl. her mother is under arrest. homicide investigators say she was found unconscious on a sidewalk sunday avenue in the bayview district. police say authorities who went to the girl's home find signs of abuse and detained the teen's mother. san francisco police asking for the public's help in solving the murder of 17-year-old east bay football player. blakely played offense and defense for the concord high minutemen he was shot and killed in the bayview district 10:00 saturday night. amy hollyfield is in concord this morning and will have the latest on the investigation. plus reaction from students and parents, coming up. san francisco police searching for two men who shot
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a clerk while holding up a pharmacy in the mission district at ag pharmacy last night. two men entered pulled out weapons and tried to hold-up a worker. the employee was shot in the leg, but should recover. police are looking for a third man the getaway driver. no word on what the robbers made off with, if anything. crews are on the scene of a potential sinkhole, marsh creek road between deer valley pine lane and clayton is closed. crews say the rain has compromiseed the road and sinkhole is starting to -- form they fear the road may collapse. this morning crews are inspecting the damage. another update at 9:00 this morning. remember the one in lafayette a couple weeks ago, we have another big storm coming. >> yes, we do. let's find out when. i think thursday, again over the weekend we are
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watching something for this morning, especially for mariners and folks along the coast, over land, quiet over the ocean where there's greater instability, showers. we talked about in yesterday our nexus tell was going to slide down the -- our next system was going to slide down the coast. heading southeast they are going to stay over the ocean for the morning commute. other big story, cooler conditions. back in the 30s, fairfield, napa, santa rosa, mid to upper 30s, rest of us low to mid 40s mountain view and san jose, antioch 46, san francisco, 48 oakland, for the warm spot with half moon bay. five to 20° cooler than questioned, heavy coat this morning. mid to upper 40s lunch time. near 50 4:00. dropping back into the low to mid 40s by 7:00 with clouds dissipating. frost almost everywhere except coast tomorrow morning.
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then you can see rain thursday and wet and windy conditions for friday. overnight roadwork otherwise things are quiet. live at the macarthur maze 80 westbound funneling in, 580 from the east and 880 from the south, no delays at the bay bridge once you reach that destination to the toll, light. >> san mateo bridge, a few brake lights on the flat section, smooth sailing up and over towards foster city, fashion island boulevard and hayward area looking good eastbound. little slowing out of antioch, right now it is looking good with speeds at the limit as you make your way towards highway 242 in concord area westbound 4. roadwork 880 both directions down to one lane between fruitvale and embarcadero for the next half hour or so. westbound dumbarton bridge, roadwork from the radio towers to university.
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4:41. washington may be taking a big step back from the fiscal cliff. the offer from the white house that republicans will consider. mystery of stolen hollywood film. police and movie studio are ñuñuñ
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good tuesday morning. live look outside from our sutro camera looking down at san francisco, across the bay into the east bay. it is dry and clear. albeit cool. grab the jacket and get ready for the next round. another storm. this morning house speaker boehner will present the white house's latest fiscal cliff offer to house
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republicans it would eliminate tax cut for americans other thanning more than $400,000 a year, -- cut 400 billion dollars from health care programs and 200 billion dollars from other programs over the next 10 years. the offer would not change the eligibility age for medicare, that could be a sticking point in negotiations. the deal needs to be in place by january 1st, or sizable tax increases for most americans will kick in. authorities in santa cruz looking for the person who abandoned a dog wearing a sign that says "homeless" found tied to a pole infected wound vets could not heal it and had to put her down. the shelter manager says not providing vet care to a suffering animal is illegal. san francisco police working for secure day agents from paramount studios to recover an unreleased film stolen in a car burglary. the theft happened a month ago
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at a pier 39 garage. a hard drive was among hundreds of items stolen. security cameras led to the arrest of suspects. while a trough of stolen items were recovered the hard drive with the film is still missing. law enforcement officials can only speculate what happened. >> that's common now people go on create a cd or dvd i should say and sell it on the street. >> one law enforcement source speculated the hard drive could have been sold at a street value of $30 to $40. tahoe getting ready for white christmas. natural base better than it has been in years. operations are able to open more runs and expect more snow to make one of the best seasons in a decade. two more storms on the way will dump more snow on tahoe before the holiday week.
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>> the trick might be getting up there. >> yeah, because it is hitting thursday and friday, people are trying to head up either of those days they will run into challenges and it is snowing there today, also snow showers in the forecast for tahoe down towards yosemite and mom mouth. good morning, if you are -- and ma'am phoud. good morning. 4:47, clear outside, let's look at live doppler 7 hd, the radar returns and the clouds both superimposed, most clouds over the ocean where most of our radar returns have been, that's where i think they are going to stay, one or two may stray towards the coast keep an eye to your west for the better part of today in case one comes your way. in the 30s and 40s, dress for colder temperatures in morning, 39 in watsonville, low to mid 40s santa cruz, gilroy salinas,
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50 monterey. going to be partly cloudy today, showers over the ocean. freezing cold just about everywhere tonight, pets, plants and pipes, just about everywhere we have a freeze warning for the north bay valleys, frost advisory east bay valleys, bay shore and also the santa clara valley coast only area not under that advisory. stormy pattern starts thursday through the weekend. cold front from yesterday pushing through. next system reinforcing cold air staying offshore that is what is going to introduce us to the freezing temperatures tonight. thursday's storm and on the left that's our weekend storm, coming in a little further to the south, a little farther south, may have more moisture with it come the weekend. tomorrow you can see dry, overnight hours thursday
4:48 am
morning at 6:00, light rain north bay, through the day it slowly sinks south, because of that we are going to have healthy amounts of rain lay long the coastybr and north bay -- thursday and thursday night into friday another dose of energy that will make it wet and windy friday also and quickly on its heels, next storm saturday and into sunday. finally, just in time for monday and tuesday, it is out of here. bumpy ride thursday through sunday. san jose quiet northbound 87 past the julian exit a few headlights passing through northbound no delays at this hour through san rafael lucas valley road freitas parkway passing marin ymca traffic light leaving novato headed for central san rafael or southern marin no delays waldo
4:49 am
to the golden gate either. out of the central valley good from 205 tracy up and over the altamont no delays towards livermore and pleasanton area. roadwork for a few more minutes until 5:00, 880 both directs one lane between fruitvale and embarcadero. independent investigation into the deadly attack on u.s. consulate in libya will be sent to congress today. the attack in benghazi killed the ambassador stevens and three other americans. the review bore has been looking into whether enough -- given to potential threats and how washington responded. house and senate committees will hold hearings tomorrow and thursday. secretary of state clinton had been expected to testify, but she is recovering from a concussion. con recollection -- congress is debating how much relief money to spend for superstorm sandy. the package involves more than
4:50 am
60 billion dollars in emergency spending. democrats want it out by christmas, it has been seven weeks since storm ravaged the northeast killing more than 120 in new york, new jersey and connecticut. republicans are saying not so fast. they say there's too much work in the -- pork in the package including money for salmon fisheries in alaska, new cars for the government and expansion project for amtrak. southwest airlines has a new fee. next, why you want to get to the airport on time. why a p
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. good morning. tuesday morning, chilly out there, as you look at the embarcadero, dry. only going to be that way a
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couple more days. mike will tell you more, coming up. westfield shopping center will be open after a small scare last night. a fire broke out at a restaurant on the 4th floor. the restaurant inside the mall on market street was evacuated while crews put out the fire. investigators are trying to determine the cause. proponents of new women's jail in santa clara county have more support. rising water levels from last week's king tides disrupted operations over the weekend. high water level made roads impassable into and out of the sea level facility. food service and visitor privileges were disrupted. san mateo officials argue the facility is unsafe for staff and prisoner. the sheriff's department is lobbying department of corrections for a new facility at a different location. you said the word storms not that i'm counting, i want to know from mike how many
4:54 am
coming our way >> i know there's more than one. there's a couple coming our way at least two, one coming today you can say three it is going to stay over the ocean live doppler showing a few radar returns. it is quiet right now. around the rest of the state showers around bakersfield, rain in the grapevine, good news, snow in the sierra even snow north check out the thunderstorm over the ocean now to the west of crescent city that's how much instability is out there most showers will stay out over the ocean if you are heading north watch out for the snow rain around palm springs. roadwork on the bay bridge until 5:00 westbound two lanes between cantilever and center age coreage behind the toll traffic light coming into san francisco no delays no delays southbound 101 through
4:55 am
san rafael, westbound dumbarton roadwork for the next few minutes eastbound until 6:00 this morning westbound picked up at 5. drive times heading out now, from the central valley up and over the altamont not bad out of antioch and highway 80 into the maze. this is for parents. recall for a popular group of toys. the toys expand when placed in water. they are sold under the name water balls, and fabulous flowers they are the size of marble but can expand to 400 times orange size under water. big trouble if a kid swallows one, liquides in the body can cause them to expand. a -- baby needed surgery after ingesting one. southwest airlines no longer going to allow passengers who miss flights rebook for free. the airline plans to start
4:56 am
charging a no-show fee for passengers who don't cancel before missing the flight. also will raise fees to check a nerd bag from $25 to $75 -- and raise price of early check-in to $12.50. christmas tour of the white house ended with a marriage proposal. u.s. marine corps captain matthew phelps proposed to his partner in what is believed to be the first same-sex engagement call the on camera white house. it shows him on bended knee asking his boyfriend to marry him. instant internet sensations thousands of likes on facebook. >> reporter: it will be a small move toward normalcy in newtown, connecticut this morning with children going back-to-school. the community is long from recovered, as more young children will be laid to rest today. michael finney helps plant a dream. east bay elementary school
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that hopes to become the little school that could. you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you,
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he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! good morning. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. it is dry out there, but still cold. >> is it frostyáeú? getting close, especially around napa where 36 now. better chance of just about all of us seeing frost tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning will be the coldest morning we've had so far this season. doppler quiet, a

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